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The state of New Mexico is home to 35 state parks and areas of recreation. Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico.

New Mexico is the 5th largest state. New Mexico is one of the four corner states because it borders at the same point with Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Contact your local New Mexico playground equipment representative for more information on adding new equipment to the “ Land of Enrichment.”

Childforms® offers New Mexico commercial playground equipment that can be installed just about anywhere you would like. Don’t have the perfect vision yet? We have a design team that can help you design the top quality playground structure to fit your needs. Childforms® was founded on the principal that by offering quality commercial playground equipment & commercial playground structures at a fair price, with excellent customer service, we set ourselves apart within the playground industry.

We designed all of our commercial playground equipment to meet public playground safety standards (ASTM 1487 & CPSC) because we care about the safety of your children. It’s a perfect addition to any New Mexico park, school, church, home owners association, pre school or other organization that enriches childhood through play.

Trac Rides

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Trac Rides

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Shade And Shelter Structures

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